"Photo shoot & excursion in Old Kyiv" by Pilepina

Photo shooting of Individuals or a group of people during the walk and excursion, when I tell the stories about famous places in Old Kyiv. I create memory for you and studio loookalike portraits.

"Photo shoot and walk in New Kyiv" by Pilepina

Photo shooting a man or a woman portrait for social accounts of for a nice memory

Photo shoot as photo walk for products in Kyiv

Photo shooting a product in Kyiv in front of famous places for further promotion


Corporate photo shoot for websites

Photo shooting for websites or social media accounts on Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube or other platforms for promotion purposes. We discuss professional photo shooting in the office as well as in the studio.

Portraits in the studio

Family Portraits for the whole big family

How it is cool to have professional photos of your children on Christmas Eve or in the studio with proper interior with further photo book printing. I photograph in the studio as as get my portable studio to your home or for a celebration at home or in the restaurant.