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When I was 19 years old I had simple camera with films and video camera as well. Later on I`d got Sony camera. When I was presented a Canon camera and my love burn with more strength. I finished Basic Photography Cources in 2012. And it went on another cources on portable lighting, one cource on studio lighting and practice...

I was interested in my father`s cameras. There were two of them: video camera and camera for shots. My mom told me how to set it up and get the focused shot. I did it and never knew if there is nice correct and focused shot. Only after making the necessary procedures there appeared the image on the photo paper.

2021, Kyiv - As photographer , together with a stylist, hair and make-up contractors and a model we`d got 1-st place on International Stylist show in Kyiv.

since 2018 - Google Street view trusted phtographer.

My equipment

Canon 550d

Canon 5D Mark 2

Theta V


Photo shooting Experience

Photo shoot & experience

Portrait Photography


Family photography

Interior Photography

Proposal Photo shoot


How to feel Yourself

I`ve already done a lot, but this project I consider to be in the very beginning. There will be a lot of interesting in it. Photo shooting and excursions, Ukrainian traditions, Ukrainian cuisine messed up with photography, self development.

I always felt enormous desire to share information and help people. Later on I understood that my calling is to share not only emotions through photography, but traveling and comfort way of living with the world as well. Exactly in that moment there appeared a vision how to do that.

Emotional dairy

My main activity is photography, I consider it to be closely related to psycholodgy, that is why here will be thoughts and scientific proves concerning emotions spiced up with photography.

Right away when the war started on the 24-th of February, we all had messy thoughts. Thanks God, my family and I, we had time to escape and not to plunge into battle fields.

My creative activity such as my website resuscrating and photo shooting help me to renew my personal emotional condition.

Photography Tips

Photo shooting the companies, children, couples, families, people in the studios and outdoors during my personally designed experience "Photo shoot and Excursion in Old Kyiv", I got my professional photography experince to share.

Photography has a big range of routes. Shooting a baby or an interior demands different knowledge. Here I will share information basing on my experience in photography